Rolfe Family History

Coal mining and heavy industry was the basis upon which the "Black Country" developed and became famous throughout the world for its iron and steel products. One famous item that was made in the area was the anchor for the Titanic. Such industry was able to develop in the centre of England in spite of being land-locked because of the extensive canal system which linked it with rivers giving access to sea ports.

The canal system helped to bring together my great grandparents, John Henry ROLFE (1865-1952) and Ellen BEVAN (1863-1928). Both of their fathers (Thomas ROLFE bn c. 1841 and Francis BEVAN bn. c. 1840) were canal boatmen within the black country area.

Ellen Bevan, Letitia Rolfe, John Henry Rolfe Sarah Ann Bevan
The family group on the left, taken around 1910, shows my grandmother, Letitia ROLFE (1900-1981), with her parents, Ellen (née BEVAN) and John Henry ROLFE in a studio portrait.
On the right is Sarah Ann Bevan, Ellen's sister. Her descendant, Jane Meek is also tracing the family history.